Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want to have a clean swimming pool, you need a robotic pool cleaner. This device can help you maintain the pool with ease. Also, it can help your pool become clearer compared to a community one.

However, it may be a difficult task to choose the right device. There are many options to choose from. They have different features. Therefore, you may find it hard to choose the right one if you are a beginner.

Keep reading this post, there will be some useful tips you should know when buying a robotic pool cleaner.

How to Choose the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

Before choosing a robotic pool cleaner, you have to consider some factors. Look at them below:

Pool Surface

The first thing you have to consider is the kind of your pool surface. Nowadays, most cleaners can deal with any pool surfaces. If you need one for the fiberglass pool surface, choose a robotic model with a super grip PVA brush.

Also, it is suitable for stick tile pool one.

Pool Size

This factor is vital when looking for the right pool cleaner. Every model comes with a cable length. Therefore, it is not essential to buy one to know that you need one with extended cable length.

You need to get a cleaner with sufficient cable that allows you to reach any corner of your pool. It is also essential to get one with an extended cable.

What Will You Clean?

Some models out there can only clean your pool floor. Other models will wash pool floors, cover, as well as the lower wall. Besides, a few cleaners can handle all. They can do an excellent job.

Therefore, you will want to choose a model excelling in the jobs that you have to do regularly. If you choose one with more features, this model normally is more expensive. We recommend you to choose ones with more functionality.

Moreover, find the areas of the swimming pool you need to handle. Select ones that can operate in these areas. Besides, look for ones that suit your needs.

More Factors to Think about

Suction Power

Pay attention to the suction power that is measured in gallons/ 1 minute. If you need a high suction, choose one with more than 70 GPM. It can help to clean your pool more effectively.

Filter Size

Dirt or debris size is measured in microns. If the device has a smaller micron value, its filter can deal with the smaller debris out of the water in the pool. To clean your pool, the micron value must be small.

Before making your purchase, make sure the filter size of the robotic pool cleaner is large enough to clean your pool at once.

Wall and stage capacity

If your pool has the spotless bottom, while the steps and sides are still green, you may feel sad. Some pool cleaners can slide into the depths of the pool. The devices are made to climb with the walls to the waterline.

If you cannot reach the top of the wall, you have to find someone to do that.

Power Washing Jets

Some pool cleaners come with power washing jets while others come with brushes. Some models use both. Power jets are an excellent solution for sand, dirt particular, as well as silt in your pool.

Besides, you can also use washing jets on pool surfaces where you cannot handle with regular brushes.


Make sure you receive the longest warranty with your robot pool cleaner. Most models have 2-3 years warranty.
If there is any issue with the pool cleaner, the manufacturer will help to fix it.

They may also replace the cleaner. It means you can save your money since fixing a robot pool cleaner is not cheap.

Quality Build

Look for a device with a high-quality and sturdy build. These models can last long. Also, they can serve you for many years. You should select ones that are made of quality components. Also, they should be durable.

Low Voltage

Robotic pool cleaners work at low voltage. Therefore, these devices are safer for use in swimming pools. If you use ones with an electrical connection in the water, you may have a concern with it.

These pool cleaners operate at low voltage. You should connect the transformer cable to the main power line. Besides, this device also comes with a filter bag that collects debris and dirt. You can remove the filter bag with ease.


You will find it hard to relax in your pool if it has full of slime, dirt, or debris. Therefore, you should take your time to clean your pool. Then, it is time to think about getting a pool cleaner.

We have shared with you our tips on choosing a robotic pool cleaner. We hope our article can help you make a wise decision when we are going for ones.

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